We can never expect companies to do our thinking for us

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We the Users

Beginning with televised congressional hearings in the spring of 2018, Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg made public his willingness to accept the organization’s unique (if unintended) role as a cultural influencer.

Since then Facebook announced it would invest billions of dollars a year to improve the platform. It has…

Entitlement is present throughout - a false sense of entitlement is at play when someone acts as law enforcement and defies orders from law enforcement, with their actions they make it clear that obeying commands from legitimate authority figures, is beneath them; Further, I also support ending cash bail - it is an immoral system that punishes legally innocent people based on class; however, the defendant is someone who was granted liberty by this system and at a cost that is far lower than anyone else who has received it with her same charges, and her response to this rare favor, is to request a later curfew. It was the state's attorney during the bond hearing who referred to the defendant as 'entitled' but I certainly could not agree more. Thank you for your comment. 🙏🏽

Just months before Ahmaud Arbery was murdered, another unarmed black man was killed in the name of Citizen’s Arrest.

What We’ve Learned Since the Murder of Kenneth Herring

Hannah Payne, 21, is accused of shooting and killing Kenneth Herring, 62, on a busy highway near the intersection of Riverdale Road and Forest Parkway in Georgia, 11 alive!

While the racial divides over race, guns, and vigilante violence remain, there was a collective, American exhale following the outcome of the McMichael-Bryan trial.

The newly repealed citizen’s arrest statute was perhaps the most contentious point of argument. Though its legal interpretation has been heavily debated, Americans across the political…

Technical violations are reminders that America’s mass incarceration problem has nothing to do with moral decline.

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Twitter collectively gasped after learning about a criminal case involving 76-year-old grandmother, Gwen Levi. Levi was recently arrested for violating her probation because she missed several phone calls from a protection observer during a computer class. Her probation was revoked, and she was arrested. …

COVID-19 is Turning ‘Stints’ to Death Sentences

Georgia re-opens, but COVID Continues to Claim Lives Behind Bars

Published by ACLU Action. FAIR USE NOTICE.

On March 26th, a 49-year old man housed in Lee State Prison in Leesburg, Georgia died from COVID-19-related complications. Positive cases and subsequent hospitalizations quickly spread throughout the prison, as access to treatment, and sanitation supplies dwindled in the facility.

Facing mounting criticism from the general public and the criminal…

Authored by Lauren-Brooke Eisen. Original Date of Publication: May 1, 2014

The private probation industry is deeply entrenched in Georgia, where these companies profit $40MM from misdemeanor sentences alone.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. Photograph: Erik S. Lesser/EPA Photograph: ERIK S. LESSER/EPA

Searching for cheaper and more efficient ways to conduct government business, legislators increasingly see contracting out government services as an attractive option. In a vacuum, this can seem like a great idea. But it can lead to some serious questions — particularly when it comes to our criminal justice system.

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Legal Reform Advocate and Perpetual Optimist. 👩🏽‍💻Grad Student @EmoryLaw.

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