We can never expect companies to do our thinking for us

We the Users

Beginning with televised congressional hearings in the spring of 2018, Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg made public his willingness to accept the organization’s unique (if unintended) role as a cultural influencer.

Since then Facebook announced it would invest billions of dollars a year to improve the platform. It has used the Newsroom as well as Inside Feed a media-heavy chronology of Facebook’s efforts to improve its platform — to communicate its updates to the general public faster than ever before.

In fact, since the hearings, the company has essentially opened up its entire executive operations to the public…

Technical violations are reminders that America’s mass incarceration problem has nothing to do with moral decline.

Twitter collectively gasped after learning about a criminal case involving 76-year-old grandmother, Gwen Levi. Levi was recently arrested for violating her probation because she missed several phone calls from a protection observer during a computer class. Her probation was revoked, and she was arrested. She is currently awaiting transfer from a prison in Washington, DC to a federal facility, according to her lawyer, Sapna Milchandani.

While Levi was innocent of breaking any laws, she is guilty of a technical violation. A technical violation is any non-criminal action that violates the terms of an individual’s supervision sentence. …

Never allow anyone to make you feel simple or basic for following your desires!

COVID-19 is Turning ‘Stints’ to Death Sentences

Georgia re-opens, but COVID Continues to Claim Lives Behind Bars

On March 26th, a 49-year old man housed in Lee State Prison in Leesburg, Georgia died from COVID-19-related complications. Positive cases and subsequent hospitalizations quickly spread throughout the prison, as access to treatment, and sanitation supplies dwindled in the facility.

Facing mounting criticism from the general public and the criminal justice community, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles (PAP) announced that they had begun reviewing specific cases for clemency release to help decrease the inmate population. Their scope would be limited. PAP’s focus was to be directed at those “currently serving for a non-violent offense(s) who are within 180…

Authored by Lauren-Brooke Eisen. Original Date of Publication: May 1, 2014

The private probation industry is deeply entrenched in Georgia, where these companies profit $40MM from misdemeanor sentences alone.

Searching for cheaper and more efficient ways to conduct government business, legislators increasingly see contracting out government services as an attractive option. In a vacuum, this can seem like a great idea. But it can lead to some serious questions — particularly when it comes to our criminal justice system.

On Tuesday, precariously close to the state’s bill signing deadline, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed a poorly-conceived bill, HB 837, which would have strengthened private probation companies’ position in his state. In Georgia, 80 percent of those who receive probation as punishment for misdemeanor offenses — including offenses as minor…

Aqua Entrepreneurs

Aquarius’ Underrated Work Ethic

Aquarians are often praised for their intellectual prowess, and humanitarian values, but not often for their determination and drive. Usually, determination and work ethic are traits that are strictly used to describe earth signs, such as Capricorn. On occasion, it is even suggested that Aquarians lack focus and drive in accomplishing their goals.

This is hardly the case.

Most astrologists minimize Aquarius’ work ethic because of their vast curiosities and fierce independence can sometimes make them underperform, or even insubordinate employees. Because few Aquarians embrace the infamous corporate ladder, it is implied that they lack work ethic altogether. …

By CSG Justice Center Staff

The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center applauds Senators Portman (R-OH), Cardin (D-MD), Lankford (R-OK), and Booker (D-NJ) for introducing a new bill that would fix a U.S. Small Business Administration rule that restricts or disqualifies some people with criminal records from accessing emergency funding designed to assist small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, the Paycheck Protection Program — which provides loans meant to help small business owners pay their employees during the COVID-19 crisis — denies applicants if they are facing criminal charges or have had a felony conviction in the past…

Payne’s attorneys continue to insist on their client’s moral virtue as an “All American Girl.”

Payne defied orders from 911 dispatch when she pursued, attacked, and ultimately killed 62-year old, Keith Herring.

The case of Hannah Payne, a 21-year old who pursued and ultimately killed 62-year old Kenneth Herring, had been several times delayed since December of 2019 when it was originally scheduled. The case moved forward Thursday, July 16th, when a bond modification hearing was held via Zoom by the presiding judge, Shana Rooks Malone.

At the hearing, Payne once again sought to modify the conditions of her bond. …

1 in 6 adult Georgians has a criminal record

Pass SB 288 NOW!

Update from the Georgia Justice Project:

Great News!

SB 288 PASSED unanimously out of the House Special Committee on Access to the Civil Justice System last night. That means it moves onto the House floor for a vote — after it passes out of the Rules Committee. We are closer than ever to making this happen, but given the unusual legislative session, we need to keep up the pressure to get it across the finish line.

Please call or email your legislator and ask that SB 288 be placed on the Rules Calendar and that they support it on the…

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